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The challenges in piglet rearing are to reach the target weight of about 30 kg live weight as quickly as possible and to do so with an economical feed input. Healthy and vital piglets that tolerate a changeover to fattening well are crucial. In addition to the economic factors, the issue of animal welfare and environmental impact and the associated ammonia emissions are also important aspects in pig production. Future feeding concepts must therefore not only take into account performance parameters, but also address the issues of better ration utilization and the reduction of environmental pollution.

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The newly approved natural feed additive Lancer® consists of the elements Lanthanum and Cerium from the group of lanthanides. These are trace elements that occur ubiquitously in the environment. In any food, regardless of whether it is vegetable or animal in nature, both elements are present. In swine production, similar additives have been used successfully in Asia and Switzerland for many years. Numerous international studies confirm the efficacy of Lancer® when it comes to growth, feed conversion rate and composition of the intestinal microbiota. The product is offered in form of Lancer® PURE or pre-diluted with a carrier as Lancer® Premix for weaned piglets
up to 120 days of life.

Lancer® PURELancer® PREMIX
The original, undiluted form of Lancer®.Pre-diluted with a carrier. In order to incorporate it safely into large amounts of feed materials or potentially into another premixture.
Addition of
250 g
per ton feed
Addition of up to
2.000 g
per ton feed
(contain 250 g lanthanide citrate or Lancer® PURE)


The effect of Lancer® has been proven in efficacy studies, tested by EFSA – the European Food Safety Authority – and approved as a feed additive throughout the EU. In addition, there are numerous international studies that can confirm the results. Further practical trials are also being undertaken on an ongoing basis in order to be able to exploit even more potential with the findings.

The studies prove high efficacy.

Increase of daily weight gains

19,0 %

Improved feed conversion

15,3 %

Außerdem gibt es noch zahlreiche internationale Studien und Kundenrückmeldungen, welche die Ergebnisse bestätigen. Generell wird von klar erkennbaren Entwicklungsschüben berichtet.

Schothorst Feed Research in Germany conducted a series of trials with 4 treatments in spring 2022. Several commercially available products were used in parallel with Lancer® PREMIX and evaluated by observing and assessing the parameters fecal consistency (FS), body weight (BW), average daily gain (ADG), average daily feed intake (ADFI) and feed conversion ratio (FCR). It was officially found that Lancer® performed equally well compared to the control group with a liquid colistin treatment, an antibiotic used as a preventive against F4 ETEC (Escherichia coli).

Schothorst Feed Research


An additional benefit of Lancer® - reduced accumulation of manure.

Due to the better utilization of the feed ingredients, the amount of liquid manure is reduced significantly. The reduction in the associated amount of ammonia means, on one hand, less stress on the respiratory organs, which has a positive effect on the health of the piglets, and on the other hand, the reduction of emissions, which means a relief of the environment.

Feedback from the field

In practice, it was observed that symptoms normally triggered by S. suis. occurred less frequently.



Lancer® (Lanthanide citrate) for weaned piglets until max. 35 kg or up to 120 days of life.

Dosage: 250 g Lancer® PURE per ton of complete feed

Characterisation of active substance.

Lanthanum: 8,5 ± 0,9%

Cerium: 16,3 ± 1,6%

Citrate: 40 ± 5%


Additive identification number 4d21

Holder of authorisation: Treibacher Industrie AG

Category: Zootechnical additives

Functional group: Other zootechnical additives (Improvement of performance parameters)


is a leading global chemical and metallurgical company. The focus is on advanced ceramics, hard metals, rare earths, environmental catalysts, pharmaceutical chemicals, feed additives, and steel and foundry industry. Due to the know-how especially in the field of rare earths, the potential and added value in the field of feeding was soon recognized and solutions in the supplementary feed sector were developed in cooperation with worldwide leading institutes and research facilities.

Due to the way it works and the performance of the products, Treibacher Industrie AG thus occupies a very special position and stands out significantly from otherwise common solutions.


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